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Imei’s office hours are from 11:00am -6:30pm Tuesday¬†through Thursday and twice-monthly Monday 11am t0 5pm. All sessions by Internet ( or or phone are done between the hours of 11am to 6 pm on Mondays or Friday afternoon by Imei Hsu. Some insurance companies allow reimbursement of telemental health sessions. You must directly contact your insurance company and inquire if you have coverage.¬†

Allison has moved her practice to Bellevue Washington. If you would like to contact her directly, please see her page and email her.

Seattle Direct Counseling

Grand Central Building 216 1st Avenue South Suite 364

Seattle WA 98104

Google Voice 425-200-5271 (to contact Imei)

SDC does not have a FAX number. Why? Because we like to be an (almost) paper-free office. FAX’s could potentially be viewed by office cleaning staff and maintenance people if we weren’t in the office. A paper-free office greatly limits the potential for breaches in confidentiality. Instead, we encourage you to call directly, or scan documents to HIPAA compatible email platform such as Hushmail. Read my agreement on Social Media and Electronic Transmission for a deeper understanding of our commitment to security and confidentiality; I ask every client to sign this agreement before starting therapy.

Remember: a paper-free office means less waste, saving more trees, and keeping your information secure!