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Karina Ray, LMHC, Art Therapistwh


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Karina Ray, LMHC

Karina L. Ray (WA LMHC #00009984) is  a licensed mental health counselor and Art Therapist in the State of Washington.

I am also a consultant, presenter, former Chemical Dependency Professional, nature-connected coach/guide apprentice, mental health advocate, mixed-media artist, mountain ultra athlete/runner/climber, and ally to oppressed peoples.

I have 22 years in mental healthcare, and I am mother of a child, giving me the opportunity and experience of parenting a child through his formative years.  I’ve also been a working mother who understands the demands of balancing work and family while practicing relentless self-care.

My goal is to provide you with a therapeutic experience that addresses the concerns that have brought you to counseling. I see my function as a guide and helper to collaborate with you and your innate healing potential.

I welcome working with individuals on a wide range of issues and distresses including:

Depression, anxiety, stress imbalance, self-esteem/self-care, disordered eating, process addictions such as internet or exercise, relationship concerns, parenting, life transitions, adult children of alcoholics/addicts, loss and grief, inner child recovery, recovery from abuse, breaking free from victim mindset, life balance, reconnecting to life dreams, disconnection from nature, autoimmune disease recovery, highly sensitive people, athletic injury psychological recovery, artistic temperament, and over-achieving.

It is my commitment to my clients, myself, and the greater mental health field to actively participate in professional and personal growth so as to continue evolving as an attuned helping professional to you.

My superpowers are:

holding hope, radical kindness, finding strengths in any situation, reframing problems, championing clients, and facilitating creative growth.

Here’s what people say about Karina: 

“Karina really “walks her talk” as she works on her own issues, and is able to give 200% to her clients. She is compassionate, honest, genuine, has great integrity, humor, is balanced, intuitive, creative, dynamic, open to learning from others, and can work easily with clients in deep distress. I only wish we had her for more hours.”
Kalia Kobayashi MFCC, OCDE ACCESS, Santa Ana CA

“Karina Ray is one of the most passionate, talented, and fun-to-work with therapists I have known. She is a natural at working with youth, and brings a passion and talent for art into her work as an art therapist. Karina is genuine, has a great sense of humor, and is easy to connect with. We’re lucky to have her as an individual and family therapist in our area.”
Ben Luedke LMHC, Private Practice, Bellevue WA