About Imei

My  IDEAL CLIENTS tend to see themselves as High Functioning Individuals and Creative People.

Imei Hsu, RN (A-R), LMHC

Imei Hsu, RN, MAC, LMHC, RYT

Clinical Supervisor, psychotherapist, presenter, eBook author, Ironman Finisher, Ultramarathon Runner,  and soon-to-be print and digital book published author.

32 years in healthcare, going on 22 years in mental healthcare. 

Please note: I am prioritizing those who need BIPOC affirming care and a clinician of color at this time. 

Drawing from the Western medical model, Modern and Buddhist Psychology, and the Integrative Medicine stream, I create with you strategies to help you with such issues as Depression and Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Eating Issues, Relationship Issues, Marriage Counseling, Career decisions, Divorce/Separation and recovery, and Coaching Strategies. While fully trained and respectful of Western medical practices in psychiatry, sometimes you’re experiencing mental and emotional distress more than clinical disorders and dysfunction.  This is where I can step into your story and help you construct a more meaningful pathway and response to your concerns.

My practice tends to attract HIGH FUNCTIONING PEOPLE in the corporate world, as well as CREATIVE PEOPLE ready to forge new paths. In fact, most people who seek my help do not think of themselves as mentally ill. I help you work towards optimal mental wellness. The process is collaborative, and at times –I’ll help you admit it! — it can be downright fun to see the changes that come from the process of  personal insight and encounters with your authentic dreams and desires.

What people experience with me is a GROWING SELF-CONFIDENCE, an ACTIVATED SKILLSET,  and an awareness of how their stories can both catapult them towards future distress or future success. You will learn to experience more relational connection, exploration of feelings, and deeper meaning. In many cases, this can be done without medication.

As a Registered Nurse (Active-Retired), I can serve as a contact with your physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Naturopathic Doctor to help you receive medication when needed to reduce the severity of your symptoms, while working on strategies to help manage the challenges that come with mood disorders and other chronic illnesses requiring a medication routine. We can explore together your options to manage the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, which may include medication, movement, a modified diet, and rest. You’ll find me knowledgeable and non-judgmental in discussing both pharmacological and non-pharma options.

As a Telephonic Triage Nurse and experienced psychotherapist,  I also provide sound counsel and collaborative work for weight issues and dual diagnosis conditions such as Diabetes Type II, obesity, pain management, recovery from long-term illness, terminal illnesses, and other chronic and life-changing physical issues such as Autoimmune Disease. I work well with your helping professional team members, such as licensed dieticians, MD’s and ARNP’s, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and weight management program leaders (particularly if they align with the concepts of  Health at Every Size).

Consequently, you may wish to hire my services as a lifestyle coach, an AIP Wellness Coach, or a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach (Pn1-NC) in terms of putting the pieces together, especially if you have already experienced the benefits of therapy in the past and you are interested in experiencing Deep Health.

You’ll find me incredibly adept and empathetic when it comes to integrating lifestyle changes into your busy life. I emphasize relentless self-care, and I model this for my clients as well. You’ll find me knowledgeable about the science of nutrition, and while I do not write menu plans, I can point you to resources that will help you make better choices about what you put in your body regarding food and fluids. You can find resources here at My Allergy Advocate, where I am making food fun again for people with food allergies and intolerances, Autoimmune Disease, and other medically necessary lifestyle changes regarding food and lifestyle.

My practice supports LGBTqiapk and poly-friendly clients in a variety of relationship configurations and styles. I come from a position of non-judgment and caring openness to your journey and process of self-discovery. Your differences will be met with kind attention, curiosity, and appreciation. No matter your culture, age, or background, you will be met with compassion and respect.

A “Therapist for Therapists” and Other Helping Professionals

You’ll find me a great “therapist for therapists” and other helping professions, such as coaches, doctors and nurses, social workers, and others throughout the healthcare and wellness service industries. 

Please note: We do not conduct counseling video sessions by Facetime, Zoom, or Skype, but we do offer Vsee and Doxy.me as HIPAA compatible and secure platforms to host video sessions. 


What I offer:

  • 22+ years of private practice in the field of mental health
  • 32+ years of nursing practice and licensure
  • Providing online counseling,  nutrition coaching, and clinical supervision services
  • Presentations and workshops available for your workplace, conference, or event
  • Online exclusive sessions available (most insurance plans will reimburse for telemental health services). I use Doxy.me and Vsee, both free, HIPAA compatible platforms.
  • Making Food Fun Again, due in 2022. Sample pdf chapter  available by request.
  • Certified coaching services for Autoimmune Disease (Autoimmune Paleo) and Precision Nutrition Coaching (Pn1-NC). These services are not covered by health insurance programs; however, I selected certification programs that are well-respected and recognized. 

How to contact Imei:

If you are ready to go, contact me by email imei.hsu@gmail.com (please do not send sensitive information),  or call Google voice 425-200-5271 to get started today. This information can also be found on the right-hand column of the website. If you have HIPAA information or sensitive information to transmit, please request my filesharing option (a HIPAA compatible email platform now currently encouraged by telehealth.org).

Client Reviews of Counseling and Coaching at Seattle Direct Counseling

Please note: the American Counselors Association and other national boards guiding the ethical principals of counseling discourage counselors from soliciting testimonials from their clients. All the following are excerpts from testimonials of coaching clients, or from clients after their sessions had been completed and they volunteered anonymous feedback to allow others to hear about their experience. 

Recently, I had a single incident trauma that was so severe I literally did not know how to make from moment to moment afterwards. I received counseling, guidance and empathetic listening from Imei Hsu soon after my trauma. Without this, I most certainly would have been hospitalized or worse. She gave me the courage to seek further help, and the tools necessary to calm myself down enough to eat and sleep, allowing me to make it to the next day. From one conversation with her, I got in contact with what I needed to not only survive but begin the healing process. [CG in Seattle]

Imei, I want to take a quick moment to write you and sincerely thank you for all of your support, wisdom, and guidance over the past year and a half. I also want to apologize for falling off your radar. Life has been tremendously busy and as always it’s a bit of a challenge to manage life, work, and the demands of being a present and active parent. You’ll be happy to know that [the client and family] are all doing quite well… this is in large part due to your patient influence, thank you.  – K

I have contacted Imei on a few occasions for coaching but I recently contacted her to talk about a delicate situation regarding my business. Imei wanted me to give her a detailed breakdown of events so she clearly understood what I was seeking her out for.  Imei has a gift in her ability to listen as a neutral party and dissect situations so that I am able to hear what I want.  She guided me into an intellectual solution, as well as gave me tools in how to improve my situation while keeping my integrity, professionalism and maintaining respect for all parties involved. She is incomparable in keeping me on target with my goals, both personally and professionally.  Her candidness with me shows great honesty and integrity in her career, as well as her caring for my best interest and confidentiality…she made me feel safe!  I know with Imei that I will always get honesty whether I am right or wrong, which takes confidence in her and her expertise. Who wouldn’t want Imei as a coach?  I am blessed to have her in my court!” [RU – Fabulous in Seattle]