This is a short list of resources. Please do not send inquires to have your link added at this time. Thank you!

American Association of Counselor

Depression Quiz

Psychology Today Profile

Union Therapy Listing of resources, including service professionals, who are poly-friendly.

The Online Safe House An online resource to for those experiencing cyber bullying. Appropriate for LBGT youth.

It Gets Better Project An online resource for LBGTQ youth, with a wall where you can show your support for teens experiencing cyber bullying.

Lambert House Seattle area center for LGBT youth or questioning individuals.

Audio Visual Resources

Create Happy Kids by parent strategist Dr. Shirin Sherkat. Ten best tips on raising happy, healthy, compliant kids. Every parent should read this book! [Flip through my desk copy in my office].

Loving What is by Byron Katie.  Free worksheets and information  available on

How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Patricia Love and Steven Stosny [can be applied to any committed relationship]

Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch [can be applied to any committed relationship]

Crooked Beauty film by Ken Paul Rosenthal. A 30-minute film exploring the space between brilliance and madness in imagery. Request to check out this film, or order a copy from the website.

Other Professional Services

Dr. Michelle Mazur, PhD  Presentation coach

Melanie Farmer, LMP Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga, and Massage (Vashon, and Seattle Feb – March 2017 on Fridays)