Presentations and Workshops

Educational institutions, continuing education bodies, small companies and large corporate workplaces need presentations on subjects that can help their students, field workers, and employees with self-care, personal growth, and mental health issues.

Individuals, couples, and groups contemplating important transitions want intensive workshops designed to help them get the most out of relationships and move into their potential instead of just pointing at it.

Imei speaking at Patrick Snow‘s Best Seller’s Publishing Institute on October 10, 2013:

This is a completely improvised presentation using Google Glass to a full room of published authors and writers. There was no PowerPoint/Keynote, and I did zero preparation. Please return to this site for a sample of a polished presentation (Jan/Feb 2014).

Fee Schedule

1 hour – 90 minute presentation with Keynote/Power Point – $5000 + travel fees

Full day presentations  – $10,000 U.S. (International fee varies) + travel fees, includes book for each participant up to 300 books, free eBook link, and add-on breakout workshop.

Conference and Company Organizer: I will do anything and everything I can to work with you to provide my presentations and workshops to your satisfaction. Please contact me directly.

Custom Workshops

The following are 30-45-minute presentations that can be delivered by webinar or in person. The list is not complete; please inquire about your subject and my scope of practice:

How to beat depression while working in the corporate world

Living With Food Allergies in a Foodie World

Teens and depression

Teens, Texting, and the Social Media

Preventing suicide

Social Media and mental health

Social Media and helping professionals

Social Media and the everyday client

Bringing mental healthcare into the 21st century

Handling Anxiety in the workplace

Simple conflict resolution to get to “yes”

How to de-escalate Anger

Self-soothing techniques when you’re all stressed out

Becoming a master at 1% improvements

Improving workplace health and well-being in 90 days

Finding work/life balance when everything is out of whack

Restoring trust after it’s been broken

Working with manipulative people

Cost of the webinar: per person $50, $1000 cap per sponsoring group.

Cost of in-person presentation: starts at $1500 plus travel expenses if outside the Seattle metro area (airfare, gas, car rental, food, and board when necessary).

Continuing education units: in order to obtain CEU’s, the material must be accepted by an accredited CEU issuing body. Arrangements can be made. Cost is assessed by the issuing body, with group discounts available.

Pending: Feb. 6-9, 2020 Women of Resilience “But You Don’t Look Sick: Portraits of Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Pain”, (San Antonio, TX)

Pending: Podcast interview (TBA 2019)

Tentative: March 14 2017  How Technology Changes the Way We Eat

Delivered:  June 19 2017 Creativity and Madness (Vancouver BC) Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue; 2016 Women of Resilience (New Orleans) Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue: Healing and Treating Betty Crocker Syndrome

Speak and Sip  January 22, 2016 (Seattle)

November 2014 Creativity and Madness, Baltimore Maryland It Made Me Do It – How Technology Influences Behavior in Public Places. Image-oriented presentation demonstrating the effect of technology on consumers, and how helping professionals can respond; comparison of two popular female performance artists and their use of technology in building community and fan base interactions.

February 2012 Creativity and Madness, Santa Fe New Mexico #iCareBecauseYouDo: Social Media, Technology, and Helping Professionals”. Artful presentation demonstrating the effect of Social Media on health care and helping professionals. [this video available through private screening only]

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