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Being Thankful

This past November I noticed a push for “daily thankfuls” on Facebook and other social media. A lot of the same things have come up: health, family, food, running water, etc. Some might call these things essentials, while reminding themselves not to take them for granted. As Thanksgiving has come and gone, the spirit of thankfulness can last through the winter season, or all year if you try. There are so many little things (and big things) to be thankful for, but I challenge you to find one thing that you may take for granted that someone right now does not have. Even better, think of something that you have that someone needs.

A new day to be thankful for, everyday.
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Props in Movement: Scarves Are More Than Just Fashion

Props in Movement: Scarves Are More Than Just For Fashion
by Allie Bulliman

I had an open house at the office here in Pioneer Square over a month ago as an opportunity for people to get a more in depth explanation and demonstration of “what I do.” Dance movement therapists do just what any other therapist does: listen. We create a safe space. We work with you to create your best life. I like to say I am just a regular therapist/counselor/psychotherapist (whatever you prefer) with an extra tool in my toolbox.

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Stressing Out: Reaching the finish line on your own terms

Stressing Out: Reaching the Finish Line On Your Own Terms
by Allison Bulliman, guest blogger and practice mate, Seattle Direct Counseling.

Everyone has stress at some point in their life. Any event or a big change brings out some good or bad stress. Have you ever wondered how an ER doctor can stay so calm when someone’s life is in their hands? Or what about others who love riding roller coasters, but you would not be caught dead standing in line? Stress is subjective to the person experiencing it.  Some of us love that thrill of encroaching on a deadline for work or the high that the roller coaster gives you. Others of us have projects prepared weeks in advance and avoid anything that increases their heart rate.

Allie runs her first half marathon, the Rock N Roll in Seattle, WA.

I love getting my heart rate up while I am running half and full marathons, but I actually consider it fun and relaxing (I guess I am one of those running nuts). I find that training for the “next big thing” is a great form of consistent exercise for me. While I run these marathons a few times a year I always see those intense elite runners at the starting line looking to beat their last personal record. When I am halfway through my event (I do not use the word “race” since I am not trying to beat anyone, I am just trying to finish!) I will check my watch just to see how I am doing pace wise. Other racers check their pace every mile to make sure they do not fall behind their goal finish time. If they see themselves slipping, their run may become a bit more stressful, mentally and physically, in order to give them that edge to keep going, faster and stronger.