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Rules on Learning New Skills

Learning a New Skill by B. Imei Hsu

It happens without fail. A new client plops down on the couch in my office, then launches into a story of challenge, frustration, disappointment, and loss. After a few sessions, the dialogue of story begins to encroach on the arena of new skill acquisition, usually in an attempt to move towards problem solving, and when it does, I tread lightly. Who am I to add to already busy and stressed out people the dedicated hours it takes to learn a new skill? Yet, I always do. And sometimes, it’s daunting.

How long does it take to learn a new skill? The answer may surprise you. Photo credit Imei Hsu.
How long does it take to learn a new skill? The answer may surprise you. I received this Montblanc pen as a gift after finishing my first eBook (available on iTunes).                  Photo credit Imei Hsu.

Simply put,  there often is no workaround. A person must press into an unknown experience in order to learn a skill that moves him from a place of feeling stuck to a place offering the possibility of growth and renewal. You can’t pay someone to do the work for you, and if you don’t learn the new skill, you may lose money, a business, a friendship, or in some cases, a loving connection with a spouse, partner, or child. It’s either change or die.

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Glass Office

Google Glass Arrives To Seattle Direct Counseling

Glass Office and Wearable Tech

got #glass?
got #glass?

I finally picked up my Google Glass Explorer’s Edition of the wearable technology that has captured the media buzz of the year. I will flat out tell you that I am excited. And I’m a little scared. Fear of change, anger about the perceived loss of privacy, and the “weirdness” factor of the appearance of Glass has sparked an army of bloggers and journalists fighting to tell you what they think Glass will be, what they believe Glass will do, and how Glass will or won’t be a game changer in the way we communicate and share information. That’s a lot of swirl!