A Tale of Technology and Connection

A Tale of Technology (and Connection)

You might not have been around when phones came with long cords so you could drag them from room to room. Technology changed all that, and then some. Read about my recent experience with upgrading to new technology and changing with the times. Photo from Pixabay, no attribution needed.

Do you get nostalgic when it comes time to replace or discard old technology? Have you ever been caught off-guard by your own feelings when you encounter old tech and gadgets? And does your answer have anything to do with counseling?

When I celebrated my 50th birthday,  friends fêted me with a party that included homemade, allergen-free food, and reminders of my childhood. including an electronic memory game called, Simon.  Soon, I was reminiscing about everything from rotary phones with exceptionally long telephone cords to the different PC models that would have been the backdrop of every geeky kid’s experience in America.  Where were you when the TRS-80 (later called the Model I) was revealed on August 3, 1977? Continue reading “A Tale of Technology and Connection”

If You Build It Will They Come


I’m still here (and not just a hologram)! Read more about the transition from an office to online and telephonic counseling.

The line from the movie, Field of Dreams, is:

If you build it, they will come.

Yet I admit, up until last week, I did not know for sure if the line was true. I stated it as a question, “If you build it, will they come?”

For the last couple of years, I prepared for a transition from a stand-alone, brick-and-mortar private practice office that provided supervision for new therapists, counseling and coaching services, and a sub-speciality in autoimmune and chronic disease support, into an online and telephonic practice that would allow others to access services from different time zones, and free me to travel where I am needed. Supervision of new therapists earning hours towards licensure would also happen over the Internet and phone.

Two weeks ago, I worked furiously to pack up the office, donate some of the furniture, and begin to set up a home office base. I bid my office farewell, and yes, I did shed a few tears.

The home business license arrived in time, the movers came and moved my furniture and boxes, and I took a little time to put my head into a Half Ironman distance race in the beginning of June.

You might be wondering if the movie quote is true. Read on to find out.

Continue reading “If You Build It Will They Come”

Happy New Year 2016

Lone hiker with poles running down a narrow ledge of snow on the side of a mountain under sunny skies.
However you spend your New Year’s Eve and Day, we wish you a happy, healthy 2016 from Seattle Direct Counseling. Photo credit by M.L. Nov. 2015. Used with permission.

With the New Year 2016, we wanted to say how thankful and grateful we are to have been a part of helping our clients and their loved ones find connection, growth, mental wellness and fortitude, and new directions for creativity and prosperity.

Our logo is missing from the website, because it was customized in its former state, and all customizations are lost when the website is drifted to a new theme.
Our logo is missing from the website, because it was customized in its former state, and all customizations are lost when the website is drifted to a new theme.

If you are a brand spanking new visitor to our website, Welcome! We are so glad you found your way here.

There are a few items missing, namely our logo design and a couple of “flashy” features that will be rebuilt into the website in early January 2016, namely by Imei (that’s me!), the admin and primary content creator for Seattle Direct Counseling. Don’t worry!

For all the many reasons you may have been drawn to read this post, please know that we are ready to meet you, wherever you’re “at”, whether you are riding high on successes and wish for deeper growth and perspective, coming off a difficult season of loss and grief, or living somewhere in-between. We’re here to help.

For our returning clients, we hope you had enough time off during the holidays to reboot, unplug, and refresh. If not, we believe we can create the space for you during sessions to do all three.

I’ve also provided a Social Media link to another blog I’ve been building in late 2015 focusing on living with Celiac Disease and multiple food allergies. If you or someone you know wants resources, please feel free to share the link to My Allergy Advocate. This resource will be formally launched sometime near August 2016, yet as I have received requests for information, I created this temporary fun blog to make food fun again for the millions of people affected by autoimmune disease and food allergies.

From the two of us to you, we wish you a Happy New Year for 2016!

P.S. I (Imei) am rather proud to say I didn’t break the website during the transition to a mobile-enabled website after all, phew!