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Ready to get started? Please fill out this contact form to request an appointment, and indicate who you wish to contact (Imei or Karina). Or you may go to an “About” page of the therapist and connect directly by email. Karina’s email address is

Note: this contact page is for inquiries regarding mental health counseling and coaching services, and is not to be used by companies wishing to sell SEO marketing services. Please respect our space and do not use this Contact Form inappropriately (or small kittens may arrive at your doorstep and attempt to eat your fingers and toes!).

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    Imei’s office hours are Monday through Thursday from 11:00am -6:30pm.  Karina’s office hours will be posted soon.  Some insurance companies allow reimbursement of telemental health sessions. You must directly contact your insurance company and inquire if you have coverage. 

    Seattle Direct Counseling no longer delivers counseling and coaching services in a physical office. All former references to the office in Pioneer Square  (Seattle) should be disregarded.

    Physical mail can be sent to the commercial residential business address:

    B. Imei Hsu, c/o Seattle Direct Counseling, 3100 Airport Way, Box 49, Seattle, WA 98134

    Google Voice 425-200-5271 (to contact Imei)

    SDC does not have a FAX number. Why? Because we like to be an (almost) paper-free office.   Instead, we encourage you to call directly, or scan documents to HIPAA compatible email platform. Read my agreement on Social Media and Electronic Transmission for a deeper understanding of our commitment to security and confidentiality; I ask every client to sign this agreement before starting therapy.

    Remember: a paper-free office means less waste, saving more trees, and keeping your information secure!