Designing Your Practice

Attention Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Educators, Coaches, Small Business Owners, and Other Helping Professionals!

***This writing of this book is on hold until further notice***


Designing your practice is putting together your Inner Artist and Entrepreneur to build your small business.

Using workshops, webinars, podcasts, and 1:1 coaching over the phone or Internet, I teach helping professionals of all kinds how to start a private practice. You’ll learn:

* what kind of business licenses you need
* what liability coverage is necessary
* how to build a referral base
* technology applications that help you connect to others
* why you need a maintainable website and blog
* what old media (TV, radio, print) and new media (FB, Google+, Twitter) helps your business get noticed
* how to create a scope of practice that fits your education and your community

All of the material above will be outlined in a PDF for you in your complimentary 30-40 minute consultation.


* how to create your own website
* how to use Google to leverage SEO
* how to get noticed on the Internet (without having to make viral cat videos)
* which online presences to target, and how to link them to your work
* how to build a presence using video and podcasting
* creating your own Social Media policy (even if you in solo practice)
* therapy-friendly software for billing and credit card processing
* forming your own consult group
* what you should know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, and other Social Media platforms to not only leverage them in your branding campaign, but create a vibrant community

All of the material above will be outlined in a PDF for you AFTER you have sat through my complimentary 30-40 minute consultation (above). This session is provided FREE with a booking of one of my consultation packages, or can be provided for a one-time cost of $ 499 for a 4 hour training time.


To give you a taste of what is involved in SEO, I’ve discovered a nifty downloadable eBook from SEO expert Jason MacDonald, available for free (yes, a FREE loan on Kindle) and for just 99 cents for purchase. It is written in a checklist style tips book, with space for you to designate who will execute which actions (great if you have a team), how much time an action takes, and a clear breakdown of the actions. Some of the material cannot be executed as a beginner if you do not understand HTML, if you don’t have access to your website (i.e. you are not the designer or administrator), or if you do not have a basic understanding of how search engines work. While there are other tip lists, this one was probably the easiest to follow.


Practice Consultation is for those who have started their Practice and/or other small business and need hands-on attention on the actual “how to” of  practice-building skills and critical action points. It is also for those who are new to starting their own business, and it helps gather your transferable skills to make the transition from corporate worker to business owner in control of your own life.  Consultation includes phone calls, VoIP sessions to demonstrate skills that are difficult to describe (and easier to show), and in some cases, hands-on and F2F sessions.

My consultation process is the result of over twenty years of experience in the industry and my own intellectual property gained by attending multiple conferences, workshops, and training in the areas of blogging, increasing SEO and website traffic, creating a relevant presence in the field, and achieving work-life balance while transitioning from corporate work to entrepreneurship.

You will receive:

* Assessment of your practice $135   $100 introductory fee at the time of service (includes assessment of your website and organizational tools). Fee is waived if you purchase my full coaching practice package.

* $250/hourly rate “purchase what you need” (other fees may apply if contract includes Social Media work, web design or editing, content production, camera work, or travel).

* A variety of coaching packages tailored to the most popular requests and budgets, which we discuss after your introductory assessment and your complimentary 30-40 minute consultation.

Here’s what people are saying about Business Consulting with me:

My coaching experience was exceptionally helpful.  From the beginning of our coaching session (offered to me through strategic use of social media!) to the last word, I felt heard, understood, empowered, and equipped to enhance my private counseling practice.  I became clear about what it was that I wanted most regarding the use of telemedicine practices, and felt grounded by her extensive knowledge and guidance directing me to seek out the information I needed to confirm that I was working within state regulations while maintaining the integrity of my Practice.  What became most clear to me was that I could greatly benefit from more coaching time with Imei, to help design an ideal counseling practice: from marketing, to regulations compliance, to attracting the types of clients  I most enjoy working with. I am grateful for the experience!

– C.M., Therapist

Thank you for the personal SEO business coaching session and support! It made a world of difference for my practice and saved me many hours of research on this fairly new subject for me. I now have more clarity and alignment around my online presence and what I am creating in the world.  

Thank you again!
Sara S. 


Based on the topics above, I can create workshops so you can learn in a small group. The energy that comes from small-group workshops will help you move from Idea to Action.

Currently, I’m working on launching two repeating workshop topics:

Developing Your Web-based Presence (for any Provider or educator)

From Marketing To Closing

If you are interested in either of these two workshops, please email Imei offline (click email link is on the top right side of the page and indicate your interest).


Coming Soon: Designing Your Practice, a book that EVERY medical practitioner, educator, coach, new small business owner, and other helping professional should read about providing medicine, wellness, and education in the Digital Age.

 Designing Your Practice: An Artist’s Approach

To learn more about my book-writing project, please check out my The Book  that tells you all about the book.

It’s my belief that what has been lost from the way we relate and express ourselves in the fields of medicine, education, and general business practice is an artistic approach. My book is about understanding the cost of artless experience, and the efforts to think differently about the way we teach our kids, connect with others, and care for our bodies and minds when an artistic approach is welcomed into everyday living.

PODCAST (on hold until 2013)

Where is the intersection between art and creativity, health (physical and mental), and technology? Why, it’s all around us! I’ll be launching a podcast in late Fall 2012 (to coincide with my book!) to talk about all things art, tech, and health care in an entertaining way, and hosting it on WordPress at arttechhealth dot wordpress dot com. You’ll soon see a page in the pull down menu for this website, and as podcasts are recorded and published on iTunes, you’ll be able to listen through the website or through the iTunes store. [Note: if it takes off well, I’ll be launching an app to help you get these podcasts sent to your mobile devices]. 

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