Clinical Supervision

While I have experience supervising others in the pursuit of licensure, practice building, and case consultation, I have formalized that experience by completing the last requirement for becoming an approved Clinical Supervisor in the State of Washington.

Clinical supervision helps new counselors gain the experience they need.

As a Clinical Supervisor, I accept the responsibility of  immediate and direct supervision of a Registered Counselor seeking licensure (called a licensing candidate, or Associate). To ensure the safety of the public as well as the form the practical experience of the Associate, I’ve completed the requirements to provide clinical supervision, and I am planning to supervise up to three candidates at any given time.

All licensing candidates shall receive a copy of the form provided through the link below, and all documentation for how I meet the requirements are disclosed below.  If you are seeking Clinical Supervision, please contact me offline to inquire, and prepare to submit your qualifications as a licensee candidate. You will also need to submit the Mental Health Counselor Associate Supervision and Experience Verification Form.

Requirements of Approved Supervisor Licensed Mental Health Counselor

In order of appearance, I have satisfied the requirements in the following ways:

1 . I hold a license without restrictions, in good standing, since 2004 (requirement: minimum two years).

2. Completed the required 15 continuing education credits on supervision on October 21, 2011 (with documentation).

3. The attestation of gaining the full knowledge of Associate’s practice activities including: practice setting, record keeping, financial management, ethics of clinical practice, backup plan for coverage (for illness, vacation, etc).

For current and prospective clients of Seattle Direct Counseling, this is very good news for the following reasons:

A. Professional development and growth for both supervisor and supervisee

B. Group accountability within the circle of confidentiality

C. The possibility of practice expansion

4. Affordable counseling provided by both myself and the licensee candidates for those without health insurance or adequate behavioral health coverage. [By accepting the care of an Associate, you receive the care of two or more Master’s Degree trained individuals]. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

If you are looking for supervision, please inquire using my Contact page.






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