Men: Surviving Divorce Tips List

Going through a divorce or know someone else who is? Feeling alone in a sea of information pointed at the females of the species?

I teamed up with Chris Pirillo to co-author, “50 Divorce Tips for Men“, drawing from Chris’ experience as a divorcee, and mine as a counselor and divorcee. We released the version for the men first, because I acknowledge that there is much less information available for men on the subject than there is for women.

We’ll be releasing a similar list for women in a few weeks. In the meantime, please know that our collective desire is to present the healthiest options for self-care, proceeding through a divorce with a certain level of decorum and respect, and taking care of the kids and pets. There are plenty of other books, articles, and websites showing you how to screw your ex-spouse over and walk away a “winner”, and if you want to find that information, don’t look for it in this  divorce tips list. This list is to help you come out the other end a better person than you could have possibly imagined.

If you are going through a divorce or know someone else who is, please read the list, share it, and let us know if it helps. Sometimes it just helps to know when you go through something as traumatizing as divorce that you are not alone.

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