Photography and Psychology

Pardon our dust! This page is under construction. 02/08/2013

Whether you have a phone camera or a semi-professional camera with removable lenses, photography tells the story of the Object of the camera’s eye as much as the Subject behind the shutter. Many people find photography a therapeutic activity.  It is a way of seeing and “being with” thoughts and emotions in an intelligent and artistic way.

Coming soon: Imei’s unique project that matches photography with wellness-minded people for a unique experience in understanding issues of the soul.

And here it is, detailed in this blogpost Shoot Depression with Photography. Local Seattle photographer Richard Wood and I are partnering together to offer a series of thoughtful, fact-filled, fun, and psycho-educational workshops on integrating photography into the therapeutic journey. You do not have to be a client of either of us to participate.

We’re aiming for May or June 2013. Depending on how many people sign up, we’ll be able to tell you if there is additional cost for renting a proper space to host the workshops: otherwise, I have a beautiful meeting room in Pioneer Square with a projector and computer cables to show photographing techniques and post-production tips, as well as offer every participant feedback on their shooting experience built into our workshop.



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