jOURnaling for Wellness

Journals are not just for writing about past lovers and secret trysts.

While the page is being put together, I thought I could be clever and SEO the crap out of this page by rerouting it to Pinterest, dropping pictures of voluptuous creatures, or hijacking it with near-touchable photographs of rich food, all to increase the traffic to this page.  I’d only consider it because as of today, nobody but nobody has seen this page.

To reward you for being such a good sleuth, email me with the word “I saw it first” in the subject box, and I will give you a free, signed copy of my book, “Designing Your Practice” (due out in Fall 2013) and one hour free of my coaching services (valued at $175). If you are not first, you will not receive a notification from me. Email to imei dot hsu [at] gmail dot com.

I was asked recently, “What do you do when you’re angry?” I answered, “I write it out.” Really. That’s the truth. I create a space to write whatever it is I need to get it out of my body and mind in a way that minimizes harm yet allows me to express the anger. All of us get angry. There are events and situations that happen in our world that are worthy of anger. And I find that writing through journaling can be a healthy outlet to anger. For some, it can also be another career. Did you know that published author is the second most respected profession in the U.S. , next to that of brain surgeon?

In the meantime, have a kitteh!

Have a kitteh!
Have a kitteh!

Evernote: Write it, Say it, Video it

You don’t like to write, but you like to talk? You don’t mind talking, but you wonder what you look like when you’re talking? Evernote might be your thing.

Journaling doesn’t have to be confined to a “dear diary” entry. Try taking a video and dropping it into an Evernote document. You’ll have a fantastic archive of your thoughts in no time.

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