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Life Transitions Therapy Group Starting February

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What life transition are you experiencing? New therapy group is forming in February 2015.
What life transition are you experiencing? New therapy group is forming in February 2015. Photo credit: Sid Mosdell on Flickr Creative Commons. 

Around this time, I typically write a blog post focusing on relationships. New Year’s Day triggers an evaluative mechanism, where people question whether they are getting the most out of their closest relationships and routines.

Let’s mix it up a bit, shall we?

We came up with something we haven’t offered through our services at Seattle Direct Counseling since I first opened my doors for business in 2006. On February 11, 2015, right before Valentine’s Day, we’d invite you (Seattle people only) to consider being a member of our first therapy group, Life Transitions.

Why Group Therapy? 

Group therapy is often experienced as a surprising and refreshing venue of receiving both expert guidance from a licensed professional as well as peer advice to look into your story and current challenges. The accountability of other people who are struggling through similar challenges keeps the group dynamic and energy flowing. The pace of group can be steady and exciting.

Other people find group therapy and concurrent individual therapy an ideal “one-two” punch in experiencing a breakthrough with long-standing issues. Still others seek group therapy as a means of trying weekly therapy at a lower cost than individual therapy.

Is Life Transitions the Group for Me?

If you would like to join our Life Transitions group, here is the description we listed on Psychology Today under my profile:

Transitions Group (starts Feb. 11 2015)

Taking on something new, scary, or different? Looking for an extra edge of insight, encouragement, and meaningful feedback? Transitions Group focuses on moving successfully through the necessary insight and changes you’ll need for all kinds of transitions: weight loss, single again, new lifestyle, revealing a secret, joining or leaving a religious group, etc. We will meet for 8 weeks, then break. There is an option to continue in the group or end, and new members may be added at each renewal period. This group will be run by an LMHC with an Counseling Associate present. Contact for more details.
Group Details
Treatment Orientation:Mindfulness-based (MBCT)
Gender Issues: All
Age: Adults

I realize this description is broad. Instead of being centered on one issue only, life transitions can have many manifestations, yet with shared core experiences: confusion, loss, anger, fatigue, changes in resources, changes in support, anxiety, depression.

The modality I have chosen to work from is that of Mindfulness, to help all participants learn to increase their awareness both of the external stories and challenges that are faced, and the internal world of the storyteller within.

Where Do I Sign Up?

We want to see a minimum of six participants join the first group. It remains a closed group until eight weeks of the meeting time has passed; then the next group begins, and additional members may be added.

You can sign up for the group after you have been briefly interviewed by phone to make sure the group is a good “fit” for you. During your phone interview, I will also give you options on how to pay for your therapy group sessions, as well as where to pick up your registration forms (which will need to be returned to us by the first session).

Does This Group Have Anything to Do With Valentine’s Day?

Well, sort of.

As I mentioned before, many people use New Year’s Day as an evaluation point for their closest relationships.* That propels some to make this the year to get married, move in with a partner, move out of a relationship, end a long-term commitment, or start dating again after a long hiatus.  Group therapy, and particularly this one, could be a great way to look at what it is that you are wanting to do, and with multiple sets of eyes and hearts listening with you, you will apply a mindful approach to whatever it is you seek.

There might even be some dark chocolate in for you.

Jump over to our contact page if you’d like to get started.


* FYI: just after NYD, a Facebook page called Divorce Sucks, which I started with two others back in 2010, experiences a large surge in interest. This is not a coincidence. You will also see an increase in deaths in January, and an increase in job changes. Change is in the air.

By Imei Hsu

Imei Hsu is a mental health counselor, active retired RN, AIP Coach and PN1-NC, writer, triathlete and arts promoter in the Seattle area and through online services. With 30+ years in healthcare (22+ years in mental health), Imei has a commitment to helping people discover insight into their health, relationships, and connecting. She is the owner of Seattle Direct Counseling and the blog, a presenter and speaker on a variety of psychological topics, and a positive force on the Internet. She launched her personal project, My Allergy Advocate, in 2018. Imei is a two-time Ironman Finisher (Mont-Tremblant 2016, Ironman Canada 2018); she also finished her first ultramarathon in 2017 and has gone on to race the 100K distance while preparing for 100 Mile trail races and a backyard ultra. You can find her running everywhere and eating all the thingz, watching movies, camping under the stars, and cooking real food.

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