Back To Flu (And Cold) Season

Every year at the end of August, you can hear the patter of little feet trudging back to school. There’s the groan of pocketbooks as parents shell out money for new clothes and school supplies. Kids and parents discuss school menus, and everyone tries to figure out how to keep butts in chairs when there just aren’t enough hours in the day to let active kids stretch their legs long enough and still finish all the homework left on their memory sticks. Parents brace themselves against the inevitable school viruses that come back with their kids to the house, and parents wonder how they will keep those illnesses from spreading to their co-workers like wildfire. This is back-to-school season.

Too bad there isn’t a McAFee for human bodies.

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    Kids and Divorce

    Go to any bookstore or library, and you will see a plethora of resources on how to conduct, survive, execute, and recover from a divorce. However, there aren’t as many good resources on the topic of kids and divorce. Video Nurse takes a look at an article on the Mayo Clinic on the topic, to help those of you who are divorcing and have children.

    I noticed there are some great books for younger children to help parents broach the topic of divorce, addressing a younger child’s propensity to believe the breakup has to do with him or her, and talking about the fears young children may have about what will happen to their parents as well as where they will live. There aren’t so many books just for older children or teens, and certainly even less for young adults. Many of the adult children of divorce are still figuring out how our parents’ divorces affected us, and how the positive and negative outcomes play out in our own relationships. Parents themselves may be trying to figure out how the law affects their children, yet are also emotionally conflicted about the decisions their older children will make in regards to who they will live with.

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      Video Nurse Weight Loss eBook Feedback

      If you ask for resources on weight loss, you’re likely to overwhelmed. There are literally thousands of books, CD’s, DVD’s, podcasts, seminars, weight loss clinics, fitness centers, trainers, nutritionists, coaches, diets, and exercises you could spend hours upon hours learning about, and it’s overwhelming.

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