Gifts We Love

We are rounding into the end of the year, and no matter what culture or tribe, almost everyone celebrates with gift giving. As time marches on, I notice that the most precious thing I have to give is time. Is time precious to you as well?

Starting November 1 – Dec. 31, 2010, Seattle Direct Counseling and Coaching wishes upon you the gift of time. Time to reflect. Time to grieve. Time to celebrate. Time to plan. Time to make a change and organize yourself. In order to help you take advantage of this gift, I’m  renewing my  $100 coaching package (see the coupon on Google places) from last year:

Three 20-30 minute coaching sessions by phone, in person, or by Skype/Facetime/email  + One free 10 minute follow up phone call to help you stay on track.

That’s nearly $400 worth of coaching for $100! The catch: you (or the person you’re buying this for) must buy the sessions before Dec. 31, 2011 and complete the coaching sessions before March 31, 2011. I put a time limit, so you won’t lose momentum between sessions. I know we all get busy, and I want to help you take advantage of time instead of wasting your most precious commodity.

Hey, Groupons and Living Social can save you money on a pedicure or housecleaning, but with this deal, you’ll be doing something good for yourself that could last a lifetime. Click this link to download your coupon: Seattle Direct Counseling & Coaching coupon


    Depression Signs and Symptoms

    Most people know when they feel “the blues”. But do you know the difference between depression and the blues?

    photo placeholder. Original ink drawing by Imei Hsu.
    photo placeholder. Original ink drawing by Imei Hsu.

    “The Blues” are likely situational and temporary in nature. You notice almost immediately that there is a change in how you feel, and there is an explainable “trigger”, such as temporary stress related to a project at work you don’t like,  the death of a beloved pet, or dear friend has moved far away. Depression may be more subtle, longer in duration, and may include other confusing symptoms, such as anxiety and suicidal thoughts, that takes many people by surprise.

    According to, the most common symptoms of depression are:


      Anti-Gay Bullying Must End

      This is not a forum for politics. It is a webblog for services provided through Seattle Direct Counseling, which include compassionate therapy for people from all walks of life, culture, ethnicity, economic status, appearance, and sexual orientation. However, the following post intersects with the current political scene because of a plea by Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burns, who revealed personal elements of his own painful history with anti-gay bullying in the effort to send a message to young gay teens, “Life gets better.”

      Joel Burns, “It Gets Better” (click on the link to view the video, until I embed the video)

      The majority of recent teen suicides in America due to bullying have been either directly related to the teens being identified or perceived as being gay. In one case, the victim explained how bullies told him he should hang himself for being gay, and after enduring what seemed like an endless amount of emotional and physical brutality, he did just that.

      Seattle Direct Counseling will always be a safe harbor for anyone who wishes to create their best life, despite the presence of bullying, pain, persecution, or loneliness that accompanies that path. No matter what your orientation, you are home – and safe – here.