SDC Adds Facetime To Services

Only 16 hours before President Obama’s visit to the Seattle area, tenants of the Grand Central Arcade building (where Seattle Direct Counseling keeps an office for F2F clients) were notified that we would not be able to access our offices, nor take clients for a majority of the business day. Access to the streets on and around the building would also be limited.

With your busy schedule, canceling an appointment and rescheduling can cost time and money. What would you do?

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    Seattle Direct Counseling Lists on

    I believe the counseling and coaching I provide is the best in the city! With my medical background and experience in back-office nursing and triage, technical savvy,  a background in fitness and wellness, and ten years of experience as a therapist (plus 20+ as a nurse),  you get the “full meal deal” when it comes to looking at your whole life plan for yourself and your family.

    But how would you know that if couldn’t find me? How on earth do people find a therapist or a coach that’s right for them?

    Ten years ago, most people would use a telephone book. They’d likely go to the Yellow Pages, look under a specific category, and then select the service with the biggest ad or the most appropriate listing of services. I know. I used to do that. It was expensive and not very effective…

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      Anxiety: Much To-Do About Everything

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      The other day, I answered a knock at my front door and walked into a spider web. Without much thought to it, I reached my hand up to my face, pulled the sticky thread away, and finished my conversation with the person at the door. There is nothing remarkable about this story, unless you understand that I don’t like spiders. Continue reading “Anxiety: Much To-Do About Everything”