SDC Adds Facetime To Services

Only 16 hours before President Obama’s visit to the Seattle area, tenants of the Grand Central Arcade building (where Seattle Direct Counseling keeps an office for F2F clients) were notified that we would not be able to access our offices, nor take clients for a majority of the business day. Access to the streets on and around the building would also be limited.

With your busy schedule, canceling an appointment and rescheduling can cost time and money. What would you do?

In anticipation of just these kinds of changes and emergencies, SDC now offers iPhone4 users the option to convert their F2F counseling or coaching sessions to Facetime sessions. Similar to Skype, Facetime allows me to hold sessions in a mobile capacity, with enough clarity and intimacy that still supports the collaborative process.

Whether you live outside the city of Seattle, or outside the State of Washington, you now have one more way to book your appointment to create your most satisfying life. Life’s little interruptions will always happen. Are you prepared?

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