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I believe the counseling and coaching I provide is the best in the city! With my medical background and experience in back-office nursing and triage, technical savvy,  a background in fitness and wellness, and ten years of experience as a therapist (plus 20+ as a nurse),  you get the “full meal deal” when it comes to looking at your whole life plan for yourself and your family.

But how would you know that if couldn’t find me? How on earth do people find a therapist or a coach that’s right for them?

Ten years ago, most people would use a telephone book. They’d likely go to the Yellow Pages, look under a specific category, and then select the service with the biggest ad or the most appropriate listing of services. I know. I used to do that. It was expensive and not very effective…

Google and the Internet changed all that. Now, phone books are more likely to be thrown out before they even reach the threshhold of a door. You’ll likely put in keywords like counselor or therapist, and the name of your city, followed by another keyword describing the specific issue you’re dealing with. Because of the way SEO works, you’ll receive a listing that includes some of what you’re looking for, and then a whole lot of “nothing” that you are not looking for.

Currently, I’ve been listed on, but it’s still hard to find my listing unless you knew exactly what you are looking for. I’m on several search engine’s listings, but so are hundreds of others. Google and work together to help people find my services easily so I can help more people get the services they are looking for. I honestly believe that people who are looking for my services shouldn’t have to wade through scores of businesses to find the right match.

You can check out my profile on by clicking on my SDC counseling and coaching link.

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