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Holiday Entertainment For the Emotions

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Use art and activity to help you reflect on the year. And have a sleepy, zen kitty!
Use art and activity to help you reflect on the year. And have a sleepy, zen kitty!

After hearing Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer for the tenth time, perhaps you’re ready to listen to something more than nostalgic winter holiday classics!

The month of December is the perfect time for reviewing the year past, and yet it can dredge up a variety of memories and emotions that need both time and attention. Perhaps there was that breakup earlier in the year. An argument with an old friend that never got resolved. A tough break with an employer. Chronic battles with illness, financial stress, or a disappointment could leave you shaky and emotionally fatigued.

Because many of us receive some time off for the holidays, it’s an excellent opportunity to think about these events and take inventory with how you’re doing. One of the methods that I have recommended to my clients over the years is to try a little music, film, and art therapy (reading lists are reconsidered in June for summertime reading).

For my final blogpost for 2014, here’s my very short list of ideas, songs, films, and artistically-minded activities that may give you the emotional space to do your best thinking and feeling. Thanks to Atta Dawahare for helping me flesh out this idea; perhaps we’ll turn this into an annual post and keep adding more things each year!

We hope you have a Happy, Healthy, and thoughtful Holiday time with family and friends, and a Happy New Year! If you are thinking of starting therapy sessions for the first time and we don’t have room for you on our remaining December schedules, we’ll be back by January 5, 2015.