Spring Cleaning For Body and Mind

While cleaning out a clogged drain in my home, I got to thinking about Spring cleaning. Americans go through a lot of trouble to clean out gutters, replant flowers and prepare garden patches, and home hardware and garden stores are full of customers looking into home repair projects. But how often do we think about doing the same kind of spring cleaning for the body and mind?

Rather than only looking at the outside of our bodies when considering a Spring cleaning routine, what about thinking about a routine for the inside-out? Here are some common areas to consider for your body and mind’s Spring Cleaning program:

* Exercise — improves circulation, increases metabolism, burns calories, strengthens the heart muscle, tones and stretches long muscles, increases weight-bearing exercise on long bones, floods brain with neurochemicals that improve mood and clarity.

* Colon care — routine check up (see your doctor), cleanse, change diet if necessary, increase fiber.

* Respiratory — check to see if you need a humidifier if the air is too dry in your home, use a nasal cleansing program such as a neti pot and salt water, nasal spray, treat allergies, reduce dairy intake if allergies or colds occur.

* Heart health — exercise (walking outside is a great option), lower your cholesterol (by diet, exercise, and/or medications), Yoga (can lower blood pressure), eating heart healthy foods like fresh vegetables.

* Emotional and relational health – consider your mental fitness, attend workshops on personal growth issues, check in with your therapist, improve communication and connection with your partner, increase involvement and enjoyment of your children, look at unresolved issues (pick one!) and create a plan to engage that issue in a meaningful way.

*Financial health – use tax time to evaluate your financial health and what needs to improve or maintain. Install plans for debt reduction, improve credit scores, and get out from under any financial anxiety. Evaluate career and retirement plans, scrutinize investments, and retool budgets and real spending patterns.

I’ll be doing the same thing when Seattle Direct Counseling takes a Spring break from April 15 – May 1, 2011 in Taiwan. While current clients have access to coverage by a colleague, new clients will begin May 2. Consider your Spring cleaning routine with SDC, and feel better from the inside out.