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The Key To Getting the Sex You Want

by B. Imei Hsu, BSN-RN, MAC-LMHC, Artist

Can you really learn how to get the sex you want (assuming you have some room for improvement), rather than rely on luck, time, or a miracle? And if you can learn, what can the therapists at Seattle Direct Counseling help you with in your learning process? What is the key to getting the sex you want? I think the key is negotiation, and with that key comes as much danger as there is opportunity. To explore negotiation, I’ve taken on a popular topic that unless you’ve been on a desert island for the past year, you’ve heard something about.

A Little Caveat

If you are in a committed relationship of any kind, getting the sex you want sounds reasonable compared to someone who is not in a committed relationship. It makes sense that at least some part of a committed relationship assumes that there is a sexual connection between the partners. But like everything that seems to have a rosy side, a committed relationship is no guarantee of the best mind-blowing sex you’ve ever had. Even if you had access to an agreeable partner(s) who willingly and frequently offered you sex, it may not be the sex you truly want.  And for those who are not in a committed relationship, perhaps you can quietly admit that just because you find someone to be with does not translate into getting what you want out of a sexual encounter. It’s just not that simple unless you like relying on dumb luck.

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Someone In Your Corner

Someone In Your Corner: Why Counseling and Coaching Makes Dollars and Sense
by B. Imei Hsu, BSN-RN, MAC-LMHC, Artist

I hadn’t taken her out for a ride in 18 months. Sleek, black, with a three-gallon tank and 120 miles of giddy-yup per fill-up, my BMW F650 motorcycle had accompanied me the past 12 years through years of marriage, divorce, and singleness, on long commutes to the office, on short rides to chase the Fall leaves, and mini trips to the San Juan Islands. But I was made an offer that I could not refuse. Last week, I sold the bike I had no time to ride this season for the thing that I was making time for: writing a book. And with the value of the bike, I gained a book publishing coach, author, and presenter Patrick Snow to help me get my book finished, edited, and published as a paper book and in all eBook format. The bike also secured his coach-for-life program, to help me grow my own plans to meet the market demand for authors, presenters, and best-practice coaches in my field. Why would I sell my bike for this? Why should you consider hiring a coach? Because it is important to have someone in your corner.

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What Therapists Worry About

After presenting my thoughts on Social Media, technology, and the helping professions at the Creativity and Madness conference (sponsored by AIMED), I took in the mood of the room. There was a palpable fear in the room, and perhaps in one of very few moments in my life, I wasn’t trying do anything about it.

What might a room filled with medical professionals be concerned about when it comes to Social Media and technology? You might guess it was about not being able to keep pace with the rate of change. They might be deeply frightened by legal and ethical issues involved in breaches of confidentiality. Or they could be disgusted by all the misconceptions about disease and pathology perpetuated in popular media and encouraged by under-educated bloggers. All of these are fears represented in this population. But the fear which was repeated through the stories and questions I heard is the one in which I believe you will find comfort.