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How To Thrive When Summer Turns To Fall (And Skip The Winter Blues)

How To Thrive When Summer Turns to Fall (And Skip the Winter Blues)
by B. Imei Hsu, RN, LMHC, Artist

Every year in Seattle, it’s pretty much the same thing. We have a slow-to-warm up summer, which includes a rainy June and early July, followed by a spectacular summer without the extreme heat of the Southwest, and minus the uncomfortable humidity of the upper Northeast. By August, we’re sittin’ pretty! Yet, I know every Fall, right around mid-October, it feels as if a powerful Being reaches its hand over to the giant light source in the sky, and pulls a metal chain. Lights out! The chill in the air, which develops slowly over the preceding weeks, triggers locals to pull out their jackets and windbreakers. A few people jump the gun and start wearing warm boots.  People stumble around with a bleary-eyed, caffiene-enhanced expression, mixed with a depressed slump in the shoulders. The rustle of leaves and the waning light signal the end of summer, and I can literally hear people groan about it. Instead of groaning and complaining, make a commitment this year to prepare for the change in weather. Learn how to thrive when Summer turns to Fall, and skip past the Winter Blues.

From King 5 news in Seattle. Here it comes: rain, and more rain (with a sun break). Fall is here!