Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Please Help

While the blog for Seattle Direct Counseling is not a non-profit organization, I have chosen to use it as a platform this week to urge you to please help with earthquake and tsunami recovery and relief by donating to a Google recommended charity, The American Red Cross.

By clicking on the link, you’ll see a donation page set up for donations specifically targeting these relief efforts. In wake of the massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunamis that have taken out whole towns and prefectures, it is my hope that every person seeing this blog, watching the news feeds on their Facebook pages, or scanning the Internet will encounter multiple ways they can be of help in light of the loss of life and the recovery process.

While Japan has the third largest economy in the world, the damage is well beyond a common earthquake and flooding. Thank you for your help in giving and showing concern.

Editor’s Note: a notice was put out on the Internet that donations made by text (such as the donations to the American Red Cross for Haiti in 2010) can be delayed by as much as 90 days. The best way to make sure the bulk of your donation gets to Japan is to donate directly online on the website of the organization you choose, or to mail your donation by check to the organization, and make sure it is flagged for where you want it to go, i.e. Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief. There has also been some concern that lesser known organizations have higher administrative costs taken from your donation. Google has a list of approved charities with lower administrative costs and a track record of hitting the ground running in terms of on-the-ground disaster relief. Choose wisely, and thank you again for your help.