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Five Ways To Deal With Excuses

“Of all the people I know, you have suffered so much in your life. I’d give you an excuse to bail out any day,” a male friend once said to me.

From his perspective, my long list of physical challenges — from kidney disease to Celiac Disease — gave me a lifelong excuse card that would make me exempt from attaining success.

My thought on his comment? Well, isn’t that nice? No, that isn’t helpful. Bleah. Yuck. Give me a moment to wipe that thought from my mind. 

This kind of thinking, the Excuse Card, sounds surprisingly similar to the word, “Resistance,” which is the topic of a book a friend and presentation coach Dr. Michelle Mazur recommended me to read. The book is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and the primary focus of the first section of the book is resistance. Resistance is that excuse card, the many various rhymes, reasons, and rationalizations we give to ourselves on a daily basis to keep us from engaging in the activities, dreams, and passionate work of our lives. Rather than doing that work, we often chase other activities which present less fear, superficial but acceptable gains, give us the illusion of busyness and productivity, yet distance us from our ultimate goals.

Pressfield’s book is a powerful “kick in the ass” for helping you overcome your personal resistances, so I’ll refer you to check out his book if you want to get the big picture on identifying key ways you allow resistance to keep you from attaining your deepest wants in life. For this post, I’d like to bring you in a little closer to my world by giving away my top five ways I deal with excuses in my life.

Do yourself a favor, and steal these. I give you permission.

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Learn Safe Online Dating Practices

Dating Online, Online Safety Practices

Many of my clients have been waiting a long time for me to write about safe online dating practices. We are well past the age when responding to an ad for dating evokes feelings of

Anyone can fill out an online dating profile with a phone or a computer.  But do you know how to do this safely?
Anyone can fill out an online dating profile with a phone or a computer. But do you know how to do this safely?

taboo or desperation. Many young professionals, single-agains, and even sunset-year seniors have created online profiles on popular dating sites that harness the data to provide potential romantic matches.  Yet all reputable sites urge users to adopt some common sense behaviors to protect themselves while they are looking for love.

Check out these tips, and read our cautionary tale about online dating.

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How To Vocalyze Medical Blog Posts

Several local Social Media consultants have recommended that I convert my blogposts into podcasts. Podcasting has been around for a number of years, and in many ways, it is “old” technology compared to the snazzy and snappy digitized recording. But many of us do not have the time to sit in front of a screen to watch images, yet we do have time when we’re in our cars, on the bus, or in a waiting room. Listen to your favorite blog by using a web application called Vocalyze, which converts text to speech. By downloading the app to your smartphone, you can listen to any blog that uses the Vocalyze app anywhere, anytime.

Here's how to vocalize blog posts using Vocalyze app.

You’ll notice that I placed the Vocalyze app on this website on the right side, just under the Toucan bird icon. Download the Vocalyze app to your smartphone. Readers click the link on the app located on my website, and a list of my blogposts should pop up. Click on the article you want to listen to, and a computer-generated female voice reads the text using text-to-speak technology.

It’s pretty simple, and it’s free. The downside is that the rendering of the blog post is not always accurate. For example, the word “triage” is pronounced “trejj”, because the voice recognition rendering of the word “triage” has not been corrected to the proper pronunciation. That might be bothersome, but it won’t stop you from getting your blogpost read — and understood — when you need to keep your eyes somewhere else.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of Vocalyze? Did you try to listen to one of my blogposts using the app on your mobile device? Were you able to understand enough of the post to find it valuable? Let me know what you think.