Keeping Your Mental Game On Part 2

In Part I “Getting Your Mental Game On”, I shared  four things to help you get your mental game on when things get rough. In review, we’re talking about dreaming,  observing, rehearsing, and learning from failure.

The next six keys will help you keep your mental game engaged and working for you. These are: developing resilience, not second-guessing yourself,  self-soothing, developing a positive mindset, adopting a self-care routine, and having fun and relaxing. This set of skills enhance what you have built in the first part of your mental game foundation.

Learn to be the bamboo. Photo from Creative Commons.
Learn to be the bamboo. Photo from Creative Commons.

5. Develop Resilience – Why is it that some people get back up after they emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes even physically fall down, while others stay down for a long time or quit when the going gets tough?*

Sometimes, it takes a series of set backs and strategy sessions for you to develop inner resilience. Resilience can have two aspects to it. One is a sense of elasticity or flexibility. The rubber band snaps back after it has been stretched, and in fact, the snap has a bit more bite to it when it is stretched further from a surface. The other aspect is that of recovery; that is, a resilient person recovers quickly from falling because she or he has strength and toughness; a fall, though it hurts, will not stop the tough person from dusting herself off and moving forward.

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Obamacare and You

Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Healthcare Costs

How will the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, affect you?
How will the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, affect you?

Just a few days before the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” is to be implemented in the quarter before the Jan. 1, 2014 deadline, the news hits us: the budget to fund Obamacare is threatened. Without funding, Americans may not be able to comply with the mandate to have health insurance by the first day of 2014 or risk a tax penalty.

Knowing whether or not Obamacare, mandated in 2010 by President Obama, will be funded only scratches the surface of questions regarding how the new healthcare mandate affects you. Whether you work for a corporation that already supplies a health insurance program or you are a self-employed or contracted employee in need of obtaining health insurance to avoid the tax penalty, it’s time to sort out your options and understand why in many cases you may be paying more for your insurance premiums than ever before.

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Mad World

My Mad Word by Imei Hsu, RN, LMHC, Artist

It’s a Friday morning, and I am sitting at my computer, mind humming along at 500mph, yet I feel paralyzed. I typically like to write about subjects I feel well-versed in, and murder isn’t one of them. Yesterday, I convinced myself I am in the perfect position to write about the shooting in Seattle that took place on Wednesday May 30 2012 which claimed the lives of six seven people, including two musicians known to the tight community of performance artists among whom I rub shoulders. But the reality of my position as a therapist is really no different than the shock and loss that seems palpable among 600,000 who were alerted that a shooter had claimed the lives of innocent people and then turned the gun on himself. Perhaps the only difference is how the Internet has helped elucidate a community’s concerns and fear not just about the increase in violence but about mental healthcare in our state in our mad, mad world.

What Goes Wrong
This morning, I saw this tweet on my feed:
@Kirotvsouth: Mason sheriff confirms murder suicide in Potlatch near Shelton.
Woman shot her boyfriend then herself.  She was having mental health issues.

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