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Your New Year’s Resolution for 2013

by B. Imei Hsu, BSN-RN, MAC-LMHC, Artist

Are you thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2013?  I noticed friends and colleagues posting their resolutions on a variety of Social Media platforms. Rather than construct a lengthy post about New Year’s resolutions and change and blah blah blah, I’d like to share with you my new, pithy motto about these commitments we make every year, and just a few words about how it works.

I didn’t learn to snowboard in one season, or one resolution. If you want lasting change, you must create a pathway of steps beyond an ideal commitment. Learn how with my pithy statement.

New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Work

Surprise!  New Year’s Resolutions take four attempts on average for people to complete.    The very nature of a resolution has change at the heart of it, and change is not the easiest concept for people to embrace unless you have a plan that allows you to encounter and engage the ensuing discomfort that comes with change.

I see this every year with people’s fitness and health goals. Starting January 2, the gym is filled with people you never see any other time of year. They are wearing new togs fresh from Christmas and end-of-year gifts. Their sneakers are squeaky and fresh; their socks are so white, having never seen a drop of bleach. They are enthusiastically bouncing up and down on treadmills (which I don’t recommend — bouncing, that is). And they are obediently following a trainer around the gym, lifting this and pushing that.

But it doesn’t last longer than about 30 days.