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What To Do When You Are Unemployed

Recently, I shared a blog post about ten things that will make you whistle whiile you work. But this post is one that just might be a little more close to home for some of my readers. Whether you’ve experienced your first time of unemployment, or you’re weathering a long period of joblessness in this economy, here’s a few things that might make unemployment a little more bearable.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of unemployment, I want to name the elephant in the room: shame.  Many unemployed people have experienced deep shame in the nature of which they found themselves without work, termination of employment, the subsequent days, weeks, months, and in some cases, years of soul searching and pavement pounding in search of meaningful work. Unemployment can be coupled with a period of jumbled emotions, with moments of hopefulness, insecurity, excitement, and disappointment. It’s not uncommon to feel a mixture of depression and anxiety that is situational in nature (meaning, the depressed or anxious mood tends to fade when the situation changes and improves).  Despite how you feel about being unemployed, it’s important to march on a number of actions that are time-sensitive.