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My new book, Designing Your Practice, is due Fall 2014. Pre-order your copy now.
My new book, Designing Your Practice, is due Fall 2014. Pre-order your copy now.

DESIGNING YOUR PRACTICE: An Artist’s Approach To Building Your Small Business

Cover Design: Nicole Gabriel

Photograph Credit and Pottery Designer: Dick Lehman (used with permission)

My greatly anticipated book, Designing Your Practice: An Artist’s Approach to Building Your Small Business, is the accumulation of nearly 15 years as a business owner and entrepreneur in the healthcare and wellness field.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you launch your big, scary, audacious dream business and begin working for yourself is to succumb to the myth that there is but one single business formula for success, a formula that rules out any room for your passionate creativity. The truth is, you need both your unique creativity through your voice AND business know-how fitted to the high speed changes in the Digital Age to successfully thrive in today’s market

Currently, the draft of the book is essentially done, and I am working on the rewriting of the chapters into smaller, more easily-digestible chunks. Each chapter contains a remarkable story that will help you remember your own stories and harness them into your unique business idea.

It’s the perfect companion for the soloprenuer and the business owner who needs  0-5 employees to launch. It is my gift back to the community that helped me find my way to business ownership and a thriving Practice of my own.

The anticipated cost per printed book is $25. To purchase your pre-sale copies, I will need the following information from you:

Your Name:

Shipping Address:

Amount of Books ordered:

Name(s) for book signature on title page:

Your Payment information (checks can be sent to: B. Imei Hsu, 216 1st Avenue South #Suite 364, Seattle, WA 98134). I am not currently using Paypal or credit card purchasing for the pre-sale; credit card purchases on Amazon and other online retailers will be available after the pre-sale is over. 

Copy/Paste the above information to your text editor, and send both to the office address above for processing. If you would prefer to send money online, I am currently accepting money through Google Wallet. You can pay directly, bank to bank with no fees, by downloading the app to your mobile device or setting up on your computer.

What’s the book Designing Your Practice about?

Last year I was reintroduced to the kintsugi, the art of ceramic bowl repair. Instead of throwing out beloved ceramic bowls, Japanese artisans learned to fill in cracks and seams with a resin mixed with gold. What emerged was a wholly different piece of art. It is suggested that some artisans broke bowls for the purpose of creating a more worthwhile art piece with this form of repair. Sometimes, you have to break something in order for its beauty and function to truly emerge.

My book is about the act of kintsugi within the helping professional’s world. Even in this age of GPS in our cars and on our iDevices, we’re still acting like lost sheep because we’ve forgotten to answer important questions about our Practices. What good are the technologies if we forget to connect with the real needs of our clients? What if we have no clue what the destination is anymore, and worse, which pathways will get us there? 

I believe that artful expressions should emerge in all kinds of daily practices, which is the topic of the book I’m writing, Designing Your Practice: An Artistic Approach To Building Your Small Business. While the book initially started as an exploration of the healthcare and mental healthcare world, I expanded it to include all small business through the eyes of the solopreneur.

Who is this book for? It’s for anyone who is done working for someone else, who do not need another text book about theory, but a guide book full of stories and how-to’s that are easy to understand. It is for people who want to understand how what isn’t working for them, so they can get the most out of whatever kind of professional services they purchase. It’s for students wishing to start their own entrepreneurial business in health care and mental health care. And it’s for giving as a gift to employees, corporate staff, and health care centers to help empower and encourage people in the industry to create a sustainable and satisfying path in the health care world and beyond. And it is for Artists, many of whom have been mistakenly told that they cannot expect to make a sustainable income from their art without being a “sell out”.

Publishing this book professionally is a labor of love. Many of you have already asked me how you can help see this book in print. One of the ways you can help is to donate or pre-purchase directly to my fund to publish the book. It takes a bare minimum about $6,000 to professionally publish a book of 200 pages or more with French flaps, a professional cover, editing, and production. The presentation of this book must match a level of professionalism accepted in medical and educational settings. [Update: my book publishing coaching fees have been covered. All that remains are the costs of the actual book print run itself, minus editing, cover design, ISBN and Library of Congress numbers.].

Please note: some people believe that a physical book is unnecessary, and these people question the cost of producing a book versus only creating an eBook. I’ll be doing both, as both are necessary to meet the needs of the professional world.

Pre-sales by the provided order form (coming soon) will allow anyone to pre-purchase two books for the price of one on the first print run only. Monies collected from this pre-sale will fund the first print run; the first print run sales will likely fund the second print run.

Donation status: complete
Remaining amount: $0 [all fees for coaching the book into existence have been paid]

[more coming:  book excerpts, Sound Cloud Audio, and video about the book!]

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