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Video Nurse Weight Loss eBook Feedback

If you ask for resources on weight loss, you’re likely to overwhelmed. There are literally thousands of books, CD’s, DVD’s, podcasts, seminars, weight loss clinics, fitness centers, trainers, nutritionists, coaches, diets, and exercises you could spend hours upon hours learning about, and it’s overwhelming.

What would make my eBook, Video Nurse: 50 Weight Loss Tips for Busy People,  any better than the thousands of resources already available? Did I just write something and throw it on top of the pile?

Lamarr Wilson reviewed my eBook recently, and reminded me that there’s a place for my eBook: simple, easy-to-understand action points to help you know exactly what you’re doing so you can take the weight off safely. Here’s a few points he had to share:

“What I really liked initially about this e-Book was the short, concise tips (for most of them) which made for an easy read, and in the future when I need to refer to them, a quick skim. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, even doing a 30 day vegetarian diet, which did drop 10-15 lbs, which since incorporating meat back, has mostly returned. I was frustrated until I received this book on steps to take that I hadn’t thought of.

For example:

Point 3. Recording what I eat.  I was surprised to see all of the JUNK that I consume while reviewing my log.  This has made a big difference in cutting down on some of this.  I actually now think, “Do I REALLY want to log that I ate/drank this? 🙂

Point 7. This tip of removing food from the cabinet that has transfats, high fructose corn syrup, etc, was HARD, but I did it.  Also, now when I shop, I’m reading labels.  I’m not perfect at it, but this awareness has made me a better shopper, although it does take more time to get in/out of the store.

Point 49. One of the best tips. I fall down and mess up a lot, so I now search on Google to read other people’s stories, I talk with a friend who’s working to lose weight too, and this small step really builds my confidence back up.

So Imei, THANK YOU for this book.  It gave me new ideas, and reinforced some that I already have.  This PDF is on my desktop always, and I open it up whenever I need to refer to a particular point.  I appreciate you doing this for so many of us out here who are trying to live better lives. ”

Lamarr wrote more about the points that were helpful to him. I am convinced that if someone like him takes this eBook and does what it says to do, s/he will be healthier for it and lose excess weight associated with years of habits that no longer serve us.

I wrote this eBook for people just like Lamarr. You can keep it as a PDF to access on your mobile phone or iPad, and access it whenever you need to. If you find it helpful, I ask that you please tell your friends and ask them to order their own copy. At only $5 , you’ll get more use out of it than most of your mobile phone apps short of  Twitter. Many people know that I take patients pro bono on a case-by-case basis, and your purchase of this eBook is one way to offset my costs of serving more people who otherwise can’t afford therapy.

Together, we can help ourselves and help each other!

By Imei Hsu

Imei Hsu is a mental health counselor, active retired RN, AIP Coach and PN1-NC, writer, triathlete and arts promoter in the Seattle area and through online services. With 30+ years in healthcare (22+ years in mental health), Imei has a commitment to helping people discover insight into their health, relationships, and connecting. She is the owner of Seattle Direct Counseling and the blog, a presenter and speaker on a variety of psychological topics, and a positive force on the Internet. She launched her personal project, My Allergy Advocate, in 2018. Imei is a two-time Ironman Finisher (Mont-Tremblant 2016, Ironman Canada 2018); she also finished her first ultramarathon in 2017 and has gone on to race the 100K distance while preparing for 100 Mile trail races and a backyard ultra. You can find her running everywhere and eating all the thingz, watching movies, camping under the stars, and cooking real food.

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